Saavy TEAS Test Takers Don't Just Study...
They Plan an Attack

In competition with hundreds for a nursing or PTA program?

You may have to beat some great TEAS test scores.

Smart students don't just study.

They arm themselves with a killer plan for the TEAS®

(Test of Essential Academic Skills).


 Will your TEAS test score be high enough?


nursing teas testOne Person's Story:

When I was told I had to take the TEAS, I wondered if I could even pass. I didn't take biology or physics in high school. I'd been away from the books for years. My memory of algebra was shaky.

After answering 13 out of 20 science questions wrong on a free online TEAS practice test, I figured my odds were slim of getting into the program I wanted.

Yet a few months later, I scored 94% overall on the TEAS exam with 90-100% in each section... including the dreaded Science section (Adjusted Individual Total Score).

How did I pull off that TEAS score? And on a first TEAS attempt?

  • I did not listen to those saying, "You either know it or you don't."

  • Nor did I treat my first TEAS exam attempt as a dry run.

I took the TEAS as seriously as a heart attack.
  • I searched for many ways to score higher.
  • I noticed things about the test others probably missed.
  • I did things some of my fellow students were not willing to do.
I put together a boot-camp style TEAS preparation plan that worked.

Since my exam, I have shared my TEAS preparation secrets with fellow students who have hired me as their private tutor. Now, I can share them with you.


If you failed to get the TEAS score you need,

Don't give up!

Get five free tips now and

Increase your confidence about the TEAS test.


teas test tipsGet Five Free TEAS Test Tips teas exam tips

From a former student and TEAS tutor 



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"If you hadnít described how stringent the testing was, it would have freaked me out when I went to take the test."
- Jessica, IN

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